Barrel Diameter(mm)500

Product Description

* Features:

1. Stailess steel frame & tube

2. Round Cover, good looking, more attractive

3. Has A 500mm diameter barrel

4. Fully automatic

5. With 4 rubber feet

6. High quality copper motor covered with S/S sheets

7. Feather & Water Discharge

8. With water hose for easy cleaning

9. ON/OFF Control Switch Pillar to keep safer

10. Bottom sheet to protect the inside parts from water

11. With CE Approved 

Model Voltage Power Weiht Size(mm)
CHZ-N45 220-240V 0.55Kw 40Kg 460*480*1000
CHZ-N50 220-240V 1.5Kw 63Kg 580*550*1070
CHZ-N55 220-240V 1.5Kw 68Kg 630*600*1070
CHZ-N60 220-240V 1.5Kw 71Kg 680*650*1070
CHZ-N80 220-240V 2.2Kw 122Kg 850*850*1100

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